Thanks to our supporters

Before the real thing starts we would like to thank our supporters so far. Without your help this project would not exist. 

During setup and intallation: Daniel, Bianca, Nadine, Stefan, Roland, Sandra, Robert, Sepp, everybody from Das Loch" who have built the pallet furniture for hoftexplosion.

For lending us equipment or other kind of support we thank Integra, Arif S, inttech, Alraune, Lebensraum, Meinel Bräu, SPD (Büro Klaus Adelt), Wastl Steinhäuser.


www.arif-s.de        www.facebook.com/arifshof
www.meinel-braeu.de        www.facebook.com/Meinel-Bräu-122142561201436/
www.lebensraum-lauf.de        www.facebook.com/LebensraumLauf